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ACT Sustainable Systems (ACTSS)

ACT Sustainable Systems has been assisting builders, homeowners and architects meet compliance with the energy ratings for over nine years.

Often engaged at the design or planning stage, ACT Sustainable Systems will perform energy rating of a residence and model variations to improve outcomes for the client.


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providing energy ratings since 2010


Source: Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme

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NatHERS Assessments and Certification

National Construction Code, deemed to satisfy, energy rating pathway including: energy ratings

  • Simulation, rating results and design advice
  • Accredited certificates and stamped plans

BASIX Assessments and Certification

  • Energy and water assessment and advice to reach compliance with BASIX
  • Thermal comfort simulation, rating results and design advice to reach BASIX compliance
  • BASIX Certificates

Section J Compliance Reports

  • DTS Elemental Provisions J0, J1, J2, J3, J5, J6, J7, J8

We want what's best for you. 

  • Qualified NCC compliance reports
  • Simulated designs
  • Potential construction cost savings

We want what's right for you.

  • Improved building design
  • Lower energy use homes
  • Increased liveability of homes
  • Client satisfaction
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  • NatHERS home energy ratings offer a more flexible and innovative compliance pathway than the prescriptive elemental approach of Part 3.12.0 of the NCC.
  • ACT Sustainable Systems can provide accredited, expert advice on how to improve the overall thermal performance of a building using 69 distinct climate zones in Australia, compared to the alternative NCC elemental approach which is based on eight climate zones.
  • ACT Sustainable Systems uses the guiding principles of thermal design including orientation, glazing, shading, thermal mass, insulation, ventilation and location when simulating designs and providing advice.
  • The development of the online project management system in 2017 allows clients to submit job requests online, effectively track and manage multiple projects, collaborate in a seamless environment and ensure deadlines are achieved. This system is available free of charge to ACTSS clients.

NatHERS Accreditation Number: 32313

Constructions Occupation License Number: 2011186
Building Assessor – Class A Energy Efficiency